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KROHNE Messetechnik

KROHNE is a global manufacturer and provider of process instrumentation, measurement solutions and services in many industries. Founded in 1921 and headquartered in Duisburg, Germany, KROHNE has over 4,000 employees and offers extensive application knowledge and local contacts for instrumentation projects in over 100 countries. In addition to its product portfolio, KROHNE offers special solutions such as custody transfer metering systems, pipeline leak detection and a flow computer for hydrogen to make processes cost-efficient and safe.

Judith Pähr
Development EngineerMAN Energy Solutions SE

MAN Energy Solutions SE

MAN Energy Solutions is one of the most famous and traditional German machinery and plant construction companies. Today, we are pursuing the goal of enabling our customers to achieve their climate goals effectively and economically. We are primarily involved in those areas in which direct electrification does not lead to success and the use of complex mechanical engineering solutions become necessary. Our portfolio, from shipping to energy supply and storage, also includes the entire value chain for hydrogen and hydrogen-based synthetic fuels.


H2Herten Anwenderzentrum

H2Herten is a technology centre for hydrogen applications. A publicly accessible test platform for a hydrogen-based energy system based on wind power is operated here, whose power electronics also offer the simulation of other load profiles and the testing of various components from water treatment and electrolysis to compression, storage and reconversion. A hydrogen filling station and a production facility for fuel cell drives for trains are located in the vicinity.