Site Tour Rhineland area – „Hydrogen Mobility & Hydrogen in chemical industry"

Carsten Krause
Project ManagerHyCologne – Wasserstoff Region Rheinland e.V.

HyCologne-Hydrogen Region Rhineland: Hydrogen bus projects, Frechen

The HyCologne network links more than 50 players from politics, industry and research and initiates large-scale projects. Many hydrogen buses are already in use in the region. The two European bus projects CHIC and JIVE will be presented and the public transportation provider RVK will report on the experiences of their fleet of fuel cell buses. In addition, several provider of mobility solutions and buses will participate. The refueling of a hydrogen bus rounds off the program.

Matthias Schnellmann
Business Development Manager HydrogenINOVYN, Rheinberg

    INOVYN, Rheinberg

    As part of the INEOS chemical company, INOVYN is Europe's leading producer of vinyls. INOVYN operates a large-scale chlor-alkali electrolyser in Rheinberg, which produces chlorine, caustic soda and hydrogen. During the tour, INEOS will present the new hydrogen business it launched in November 2020, focusing in particular on its ambitions for the Rheinberg site and the wider North Rhine-Westphalia region. This will include the future 100-MW water electrolyser at its large integrated chemical site in Cologne.