Mrs. Dr. Stefanie Kesting
Managing DirectorNEA GREEN GmbH & Co KG and Board Member & Division Director NEA ENERGYNEA GREEN GmbH & Co KG

Decarbonizing the Mittelstand!

We support small and medium-sized businesses in decarbonizing their processes, from technology-independent initial consulting to integrated system solutions and the procurement or marketing of green gases. Among other things, a hydrogen cluster is currently being created in the Heinsberg-Oberbruch industrial park, fully integrated into the local structures.


Werkstr. o.Nr.
52531 Übach-Palenberg

NEA GREEN is part of the NEA ENERGY Division. It's target is to support customers in decarbonizing their energy or industrial systems and decentralized applications. For this purpose, the company offers Integrated Solutions along the H2 Value Chain with electrolysers, reformers, diaphragm and piston compressors up to HRS for hydrogen production, storage, transport and distribution. Services such as initial consulting and feasibility study, testing of the optimized overall components, construction and operation of the plant, and finally commercial brokerage and utilization of the green gases produced are another component of the portfolio.