Mrs. Elke Hohmann
Head of Department Project DevelopmentZukunftsagentur Rheinisches Revier

From vision to reality - Water is the coal of the future

The energy of tomorrow is water that has been broken down by electricity. The decomposed elements of water, hydrogen and oxygen, will secure the Earth's energy supply for an indefinite period of time. (Jules Verne, The Mysterious Island) We turn vision into reality. For the Rhenish Region, hydrogen is the central element for achieving the climate goals and the transition process in the region.

Zukunftsagentur Rheinisches Revier

Am Brainergy Park 21
52428 Jülich

The "Rhenish Region" is characterized by the extraction, power generation and refinement of lignite. The Rhenish Mining Area set the goal to become the most successful economic transformation region in Europe. The Zukunftsagentur Rheinisches Revier develops mission statements, innovation strategies and action concepts and supports structural change by initiating and implementing projects. The Future Agency works closely with its partners from science, business, politics and associations within and outside the region.