Mr. Patrick Wienert
Head of Hydrogenumlaut energy GmbH

In the state of NRW, there are many relevant opportunities, if not absolutely necessary activities, to use hydrogen as an energy carrier in industry, in transport or as a basic chemical in green form. We should use these opportunities in the state to position ourselves in time so that we can serve our state interests, but also the overriding national and global interests without being left behind in an ever faster advancing development.

umlaut energy GmbH

am Kraftversorgungsturm 3
52070 Aachen

Umlaut SE is an independent, globally operating management consultancy providing management and engineering services. The company includes more than 20 subsidiaries in various industries and additional country offices abroad, headquarters is in Aachen. The company has an annual turnover of over 400 million euros and employs around 4,500 people worldwide.

The versatile and technically very experienced team of umlaut energy GmbH combines on the one hand many years of experience in consulting and supporting stakeholders along the entire value chain of the energy industry, ministries and associations, and on the other hand in-depth technical expertise in techno-economic system analysis and the evaluation of hydrogen supply systems with sector-specific industry experience. The close cooperation of the companies involved with relevant players in the energy industry at national and European level is worth emphasizing