Mr. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernhard Hoffschmidt
Managing DirectorBrainergy Park Jülich

Hydrogen hub for the growth phase

Since the establishment of the HGF Hydrogen Cluster, Brainergy Park Jülich (BPJ) is developing into a transfer-oriented center of the hydrogen economy in NRW with more than 500 employees in the future. Startups begin here in the Startup Village and can grow to industrial scale because of the available space. The Swiss startup Synhelion, which has set up its globally unique pilot plant for the production of solar fuels for aviation in the BPJ, shows how it can be done.

Brainergy Park Jülich

Am Brainergy Park 1
52428 Jülich

The three shareholder municipalities of Jülich, Niederzier and Titz are developing an innovative special area in the 52-hectare industrial park the Brainergy Park Jülich, in which above all the topics of "new energies" and "energy transition" are represented. This simulation area for energy management already offers companies attractive business space and will in the future be supplied with heat, energy, cooling and Internet according to the latest scientific standards.