Mr. Rob Jetten
Minister of theMinistry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy of the Netherlands

The Netherlands is well positioned to be a central location and key player in the European hydrogen market. Hydrogen will play a substantial role in integrating the  huge potential of offshore wind energy from the North Sea into the energy system, both through onshore and offshore production. A hydrogen backbone for large scale transport will be available before 2030, largely by repurposing part of the  existing natural gas grid. This infrastructure will connect ports and the major industrial clusters in the Netherlands, and will in the future also be linked with the neighboring countries. Through the ports, imported hydrogen and derivates can be shipped and transported to the Northwestern European market. The Dutch government is also stimulating hydrogen technology innovation. Dutch companies and knowledge institutions are working on the next generation electrolysers and other applications, and are open to international partnerships. For the Netherlands, Germany and in particular the  state of  North-Rhine Westphalia are key partners in accelerating developments in Europe.

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy of the Netherlands


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