Mrs. Stefanie Peters
Managing PartnerNEUMAN & ESSER GROUP

Decarbonizing the Mittelstand!

We support small and medium-sized businesses in decarbonizing their processes, from technology-independent initial consulting to integrated system solutions and the procurement or marketing of green gases. Among other things, a hydrogen cluster is currently being created in the Heinsberg-Oberbruch industrial park, fully integrated into the local structures.


Werkstr. o.Nr.
52531 Übach-Palenberg

NEUMAN & ESSER is a single-source provider of hydrogen infrastructure and carbon capture technology. As an OEM of piston and membrane compressors, electrolyzers and reformer technologies, decarbonization projects are supported from feasibility studies to digitally supported 360° service during operation. Full-scope solutions also include hydrogen filling plants and HRS. The family business was founded in 1830 and has 1.350 employees worldwide.